Learn to play the guitar confidently and well in a short timeExpress your music

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Worldwide experienced guitar teacher | and performing | a variety of styles live | & recording

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||: Guitar lessons teaching a variety of ages and levels :||

|| Teaching guitar and musical fun | to kids and adults | and to rhythm in time ||

|| Instructing the guitar | to develop musical and rhythmic skills | with a musical instrument and the body ||

|| You'll be learning to harmonize bodily unison with the music you play | and / or sing |

| Turning the guitar into an extention of your body | in muscle-memory enhancing practice |

| Learning to play your favorite songs | and playing music with people | in real-time ||

||: To be jamming | conducting musical dialogues | discourses with musical language :||



Grow in control directing the development of your own synesthesia - combination of your senses
in perception

train your own enjoyment and production skills in the best human experience

The MUSICAL EXPERIENCE is our human being - Music is the human dialogue

Studies show; Playing musical instruments enhances neuroplasticity and brain acti

my schecter

guitar school||: Music and guitar instruction and performance | Guitarist skill development and coaching :||